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Looking for a professional and reliable partner to invest together? The company Mirax Trade Limited to your services. We'll become a great financial manager and a good aide to your investment. Invest and in return with the passive income and worthwhile dividend, is this the main goal of all investment? Become a member of our company, start getting a profit today.


More than 10 years in the financial market.

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Mirax Easyline
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8% / per day

Min. amount of deposit: 10 USD
Max. amount of deposit: 2500 USD
Time of deposit: 20 days

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Profit for period:    16.00 USD

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Mirax Tradeline
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9% / per day

Min. amount of deposit: 2501 USD
Max. amount of deposit: 5000 USD
Time of deposit: 20 days

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Profit for period:    0 USD

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Mirax Proxline
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10% / per day

Min. amount of deposit: 5001 USD
Max. amount of deposit: 50000 USD
Time of deposit: 20 days

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Profit for period:    0 USD

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WELCOME to Mirax Trade Limited
Multiply your capital with a team of professional traders

Mirax Trade Limited is a group of independent traders that deals with trade in the financial market. Trade in metals, oil, securities-all this is what we've been doing for years, and all of this has been profitable for a long time. We are constantly increasing the working capital and raising the current revenue plan of our Organization by introducing new trading algorithms and by using better data analysis techniques.

Investing in any instrument requires the work of highly skilled staff, quick, accurate and most important correct decisions and commercial foresight. Mirax Trade Limited Since its inception is doing its best and making difficult work to earn the high and stable profit. Our traders are able to extract profits even in such unforeseen situations as defaults in the financial market.

We are trying to build a strong relationship between the company and the investor, to create ideal conditions for each customer. Everyone should be able to obtain the means to achieve their goals, for everyone is worthy of the best. It's Mirax Trade Limited who has all the necessary tools to achieve the desired objectives. We offer minimal investments and maximum result in the first days of investment.

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Referral system for our partners:

We give our partners the opportunity to earn extra money.
Using the referral system, you can significantly increase your passive income.

8% - 2% - 1%

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Reliable data protection from distributed denial-of-service attacks. Absolute data protection through solutions using industry-standard encryption.


Modern equipment under the control of professional traders will make it possible for your investment to operate with maximum impact, with high incomes at minimal risk.


The tender perspective in several ways allows us to diversify risks. And, in cases where there's another currency leap, we are insuring the company's funds using hedging-an action that is related to currency variability.


All cooperation is based on honesty and trust between the company and the people to whom it provides services, so it's very important for us to maintain these two important qualities.

Registration number: 10783409

Legal documentation

Our company's legal documentation is available here. Mirax Trade Limited is a European trading company registered and based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The company's office is located at this address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX. Registration number: 10783409. It can be checked on the official United Kingdom Mirax Trade Limited House authority. You can use the link to access the site.

Transparent and open financial transactions

The Mirax Trade Limited, through its successful marketing strategy, is being refined continually. Our analysts are watching the latest market trends to keep in the vanguard of the changes that are taking place. Our company has all the conditions for the high financial growth of its investors throughout its investment time. We invite all those who wish to invest with us to do so and to provide all the facilities. All you have to do is want to take the first step, and then you'll realize you're not mistaken. It's easy to reach the desired with mirax Trade Limited.

Company address: 27 Old Gloucester Street,
London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX

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The latest financial transactions of the online platform

Our activities are maximally open and transparent for all our partners. We provide an open history of financial transactions for our investors.

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