27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX
Compnay number: 10783409

Mirax Trade Limited:

We offer innovative solutions in the field of financial trading

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Company Name Limited
27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX
Compnay number: 10783409

Mirax Trade Limited
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Mirax Trade Limited is a team of professional, independent traders with years of experience in the financial market. The common desire to maximize investment in the marketplace and the good feedback from our partners, we are continually improving our performance. The introduction of new technologies, the use of new ways of trading, is always something new that will make us move farther and farther. Always go forward! is our motto. Technologies never don't stand still, and we don't stand too. Wanting to be the best makes us constantly better. That's what makes us one of the best.

Our organization exists under the name Mirax Trade Limited for a long time, but only recently have we been registered as an official company. State registration allows us to fully would our actions and to obtain a guarantee of the protection of all financial transactions.

Our activities have always been related to trade in the Forex market and the stock market. These are the places where we feel like fish in the water. With this baggage of knowledge and modern technology, we are able to extract a high percentage of the profits from the invested money. We have already earned the respect of our partners, have a good reputation in the investment market, and now we want to earn the respect and positive feedback of our company from investors.

Become a part of the large and strong team that invest with us and earn worthwhile dividends.

High income on all investment proposals

Daily payments to the user's personal account

Optimum ratio
of income to risk

Registration number: 10783409

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Mirax Trade Limited gives you a simple and very reliable opportunity to invest your money with traders trading on the financial market. The quality of the reliability of cooperation with us meets all the necessary requirements and promises the maximum result. The positive feedback from our partners proves once again the high level of our staff and the Organization as a whole.

Through careful market monitoring and analysis of all aspects of investment, our investors are receiving a high income throughout the investment period.

THE SUPERIORITY of the Mirax Trade Limited system:

Benefits of trade in the financial market


Stocks may have very high potential for return.

Some of these are actions by only the opening companies that are in the process of being developed or those that have already been able to demonstrate their potential and continue to develop.


The literate risk control and proper distribution of funds can minimize any loss of funds.

Hedging technology makes it possible to further secure the overall trading system and increase the company's revenue.


The demand for currency and metals on the world market is not even questioned. They are the main elements of the financial market.

The demand for them is more than stable, it's high. With the Prof team, we extract a significant percentage of the company's funds from these directions.

No Borders

The ability to sell shares of the largest companies almost instantaneously. It's what you can't do with real estate or antiques.

But the most important thing about investing in business is that there are no lines of earnings.